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NWA Membership:

NWA membership is for one calendar year and costs $25 per family (18 and under).

Benefits of a membership include:

• NWA floats and activities • Membership lists • Years of knowledge of rivers amd rafting not only in the Northwest but across the country too!

• NWA commorative 30 year anniversary member decals can be obtained on request while supplies last and can be picked up at club meetings and many club activities.

Other GREAT reasons to become an NWA member that you may not have thought about:

Problem #1: Solo boating is dangerous
Solution - Contact the club and let them know when and where you want to boat and someone will probably think that is a great idea!

Problem #2: Rigging your boat is hard to figure out
Solution - Contact a club member with several years experience to give you some tips.

Problem #3: What boat should I buy?
Solution - Ask other club members what they think about their boats and see if you can try it out for yourself.

Problem #4: I got a permit to run a river, but have never been down it myself.
Solution - Invite some club members who have run the river before on the trip.




Problem #5: What if I flip on a river trip?
Solution - Attend a flip clinic sponsored by the club.

Problem #6: How do I run a river I have never done before?
Solution - Attend a club float on that river

Problem #7: How do I run a river without having to take two cars or have a designated shuttle driver.
Solution - Run the river with other club members and figure out a shuttle with their help.

Problem #8: Someone falls out of the boat what do I do?
Solution - Practice using the throw bag on club trips.

Problem #9: I have just finished my last beer and have no more.
Solution - ask a club member to bum one from them.

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From Mild to Wild...the NWA has a place for your whitewater boating interests!