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'Fools Float' 30th Anniv.  long-sleeved shirt

Ever since 1994, the NWA has launched its new boating season with the tradition of its "Only Fools Float on the First" New Years' Day Spokane River float.

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of this crazy event and we celebrate 3 decades of rafting from as low at 7-degrees to flows of over 30,000 CFS.

Whether a participant or anyone who took in this event from the bridge or bar, we've got a special long-sleeved pre-shrunk cotton shirt for just $25.

NWA Straps  

Buy some of the BEST straps around in a variety of popular lengths — plus those really handy loop straps. Supplies of the original custom-NWA strap material has been exhausted, but while the color might be different the quality is just the same. NOTE: Some quantities might not be immediately available, but we will do our best to fill orders in a timely manner or offer a substitute item.

NWA Oar Tethers

Don't hit the water without these quality items that keep your oars from popping loose and possibly sinking when you need them the most. $24 a pair.

AWA Safety Cards

NWA has been given the opportunity to reprint for limited release to our members these valuable reference items that cover everything from first aid to various rescue skills. These cards are laminated and feature a mini-carabiner. $12.00

1-foot straps ($3.75 ea.)
2-foot straps ($4.00 ea.)
3-foot straps ($4.25 ea.)
4-foot straps ($4.50 ea.)
6-foot straps ($4.75 ea.)
9-foot straps ($5.50 ea.)
4-foot loop straps ($5.50 ea.)
6-foot loop straps ($6.25 ea.)

9-foot loop straps ($6.75 ea.)

Note: Shipping is added to some items but if  it is not needed it will be reimbursed.

NWA Hats

We have a new supply of NWA hats with an embroidered logo for $20 ea (Pick up at NWA meetings/events or $3 to ship (if need be).