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Scenes from classic permitted Idaho rivers: Hells Canyon, Ladle Rapid on the Selway and the Main Salmon's Buckskin Bills.

One of the special things about Montana's Smith River is its geology which is very much different than Idaho, Oregon or Washington rivers.

Exiting Wolf Creek rapid on the Selway at 1-foot on gauge.

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River Permit Arithmetic

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The yearly chase for river premits is under way so get ready!

Smith River: Changes coming for the 2024 season

The Smith River is Montana’s only permitted stream and is accepting applications through Feb. 14, 2024. There are big changes this season of which you should be aware. For a PDF with links click below.

Download: Smith River permit info.docx

Download: Smith River permit info.pdf

Permit applications by the numbers:

By now many of you have entered the whitewater version of the “MegaMillions” lottery so here are some recent stats that show how lucky you have to be to draw a permit.