NWA Membership

  • Problem #1: Solo boating is dangerous? Solution - Contact the club and let them know when and where you want to boat and someone will probably think that is a great idea!
  • Problem #2: Rigging your boat is hard to figure out. Who can assist? Solution - Contact a club member with many, many  years experience to give you some tips.
  • Problem #3: What boat should I buy? Solution - Ask other club members what they think about their boats and see if you can try it out for yourself.
  • Problem #4: I got a permit to run a river, but have never been down it myself? Solution - Invite some club members who have run the river before on the trip.
  • Problem #5: What if I flip on a river trip? Solution - Attend a flip clinic presented by the club.

Here are other GREAT reasons to become an NWA member that you may not have thought about:

  • Problem #6: How do I run a river I have never done before? Solution - Attend a club float or ask any member who might have run it.
  • Problem #7: How do I run a river without having to take two cars or have a designated shuttle driver. Solution - Run the river with other club members and figure out a shuttle with their help.
  • Problem #8: Someone falls out of the boat what do I do? Solution - Practice using the throw bag on club trips.
  • Problem #9: I have just finished my last beer at camp and have no more. Solution - ask a club member to bum one from them.
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NWA membership is for one calendar year and costs $25 per family (18 and under).

Benefits of a membership include:




But wait, there's more...

Download: NWA Application 1-30-23.pdf

  • NWA floats and activities
  • Membership lists
  • Years of knowledge of rivers and rafting not only in the Northwest but across the country too!